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Monster Earth

MONSTER EARTH is a shared world anthology of giant monster mayhem! These tales all take place on an Earth where the Cold War was fought not with the threat of nuclear weapons, but with terrifying giant monsters.

“Monster Earth is what New Pulp is all about. It’s fresh, original, with a tip of the hat to those old black and white cinema thrills we all enjoyed as youngsters. …a pure joy for monster junkies of all persuasions.”–Ron Fortier, Pulp Fiction Reviews

“It’s geeky fun. You will love it.”–Joe Crowe,

“I feel this is a must read for fans of monster movies and the like, and even for those that aren’t they should definitely enjoy. A highly recommend book.”–Michael Farrah, Kaiju Battle

“All in all this was a `Must Read’ book for those of us who grew up with Godzilla movies on a Saturday afternoon at the local cinema.”–Ralph Angelo, author.

It is available on:
Kindle ($2.99)

In print through Amazon ($14.95)



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